About Us

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my story

For years I had a stationery shop, called Getting it Write, in Victoria BC, and launched my wholesale company, Kate and Campbell from there. I named my company Kate and Campbell because when first starting out, I was shipping a very large order to a wholesale customer, and he asked me "Are you sure you'll be able to fill this order, Sweetie?" Umm, “sweetie?!” Grrrrrrr. No! I wasn’t sure if I could handle the order, but I sure wasn’t going to let him know that! I filled and shipped the order on time, and decided to add an AND in between my first and last names…thinking customers like the aforementioned one, would be more comfortable buying from me and my company if they thought it was comprised of two people...assuming "Kate" was the Artist, and "Campbell" was aaalllllll business. So far so good!

I sold my shop in 2001 so I could focus on my wholesale stationery company, and stay home and have a family.

Happily, in 2002, my husband and I welcomed a beautiful daughter, Charlotte, in to our lives.

Since 2002, I have been a vendor to American Greetings, and get to employ incredible people who assemble and package my greeting cards. I have a warehouse downtown, and work from my 108 year old character house, half a block from the Salish Sea, on the west coast of Canada, and feel so lucky to be able to make a living from my art. I love the connection that greeting cards bring to people. You are being thoughtful when buying a greeting card; buying something to give away. The effort it takes to choose, buy, write, and send a greeting card is palpable...I love that.

In 2010, only 68 days after being diagnosed with having cancer, my husband, John Campbell, died. We were terrified, shocked, and heartbroken. Charlotte really kept our lives joyful...she was only seven years old, so grieved differently than the adults did; she still wanted to have fun when she felt happy, she kept getting hungry...she kept me participating in our lives. She showed me I was stronger than I knew.

Working from home, and with Charlotte at school during the weekdays, I found myself feeling like I needed to be around people through the week. (I think I started talking to our dog more than I should have :) I decided that because I had always wanted to try making pottery, I should learn how.

So, I signed up at the local recreation centre, took some classes, and fell in love with clay. While I have a studio space in my house, I still go to the rec centre to make my pottery;

I think it's healthy for me to go to a busy pottery studio during the day, instead of staying home by myself, you know?

My wholesale stationery work can be done at any time of day, so I make pots during the day, and work on stationery in the evenings now.

Charlotte and I went to Greece this summer and brought home pottery made by a 92 year old great grandmother who lives on Sikinos, and sells pots on Santorini. I have made it my life goal to be a 92 year old great grandmother who lives on an island and sells pottery. Getting there!

Introverted by nature, I've "put myself out there" on social media…visit me on Instagram, at kateandcampbell, on Facebook at Kate And Campbell Art Studio, and on my website, kateandcampbell.co

Thank you for supporting me and my business.

Take it easy, Kate